Special announcement from the Rotax Max Challenge Indonesia 2017 organiser, Speed Driver.

Special announcement on Rotax Max Challenge Indonesia 2017
June 7, 2017
September 11, 2017

Below is the letter content translated to English from Speed Driver, organiser for the Rotax Max Challenge Indonesia 2017 regarding to the Round 1 and 2 in July 2017.

Good afternoon Community of Karting Indonesia,

With  this email we would like to officially inform you that the RMC Indonesia 2017,  series 1 and 2 which should be held on 16 – 17 July is canceled.

We have been trying to do our best to keep running this event in line with the permits we get, however  suddenly some  supporters state their obstacles to one  or another just before the event, which causes difficulties for us to prepare and find another solution to run this even in the short time. In due to these constraints, the cancellation decision of series 1 and 2 should be taken.

We would also like to convey that series 3 and 4 will be series 1 and 2, will continue running on August 26 and 27 according to our previous notice. We will do even better to prevent the previous mistaken  which caused series cancellations will not happen again.

With this, we as the committee would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your attention and support.

Below is the original content of the letter in Bahasa Indonesia,

Dengan hormat,

Bersama surat ini kami beritahukan dengan sangat menyesal, RMC Indonesia 2017 seri 1 dan 2 yang sedianya akan dilaksanakan tanggal1S-16 Juli 2017 terpaksa dibatalkan, karena force majeure.

Sementara RMC Indonesia 2017 seri 3-4 yang akan dilangsungkan tanggal 26-27 Agustus 2017, tetap dilaksanakan dan menjadi seri 1 dan 2 sekaligus penutup seri untuk tahun 2017.

Demikianlah surat ini kami sampaikan untuk menjadi perhatiannya.

Terima kasih.