January 23, 2018
Chassis Partners at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2018
January 23, 2018

First race of the season before the Asia Max Challenge 2018 starts in March 2018. Although it rained on Sun, just before the Micromax finals, but the sun came back with a vengeance and dry up the track really fast. Junior max and DD2 max carried on in slick tyres.

In the Micromax, Ranvir Singh, kart 44, pulled away from the pack and left the fighting to his team mates. Adam Mikail. kart 20, in 2nd place, had to fight it out with Sachen Michael Smith, kart 88, and at one point even lost the 2nd position to Sachen but he managed to wrestled it back. Riki Ng, kart 86, started at 11th took advantage of the chaos at the start of the race and climbed up to 5th and eventually making his way to 4th after a tussle with Thai driver, Kittinat, kart 77. The crowd favourite was definitely Aldrin, Kart 10, from TOC, the only driver using slick tyres in a wet race. His team did not put in any wet tyres but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the track was quickly drying up and Aldrin from 12th place rose up all the way to 5th place.

In the Juniormax, Ananthorn Tangnainatchai, kart 177, won the race after building a huge gap from the rest of the pack. Sergio Noor, kart 137 came in 2nd. Sergio was pulling away from the pack until Wahyu, kart 128, managed to catch up to him and a tussle between both drivers resulted the rest of the pack to slowly catch up. Sergio and Wahyu both touched and their karts momentarily stopped but Sergio managed to continue on before the rest of the pack catches up. Wahyu unfortunately wasn’t that lucky and had to start almost right at the back of the pack after fighting so hard. Thanakrit, kart 199, finished 3rd, Oscar Ng, kart 122, finished 4th and another Thai driver, Jirapat, finished 5th.

There was no seniormax for this race as there were insufficient entries but it was start back for AMC Round 1 2018 in March.

In the DD2 category, Eshan Pieris, kart 330, won the race, just like how he did in 2017. It was tough to catch up to him and closest was Nik Zamir, kart 315, but the gap was just too wide. Nik Zamir finished 2nd and Manav Sharma, kart 377 finished 3rd. Yuki Mishima, kart 323, new Japanese driver under Stratos, finished 4th in his DD2 debut. Coming in 5th is Prassetyo Hardja, kart 368, 2017 overall DD2 champion. Prass had technical issues the whole weekend and was forced to pulled out in the prefinal. However in the Final, he made a brilliant start and climbed up to 6th and worked his way up to 5th place. In the masters category, Ong Chee Ming, kart 412, took the chequered flag. His rival and good friend, Alan Saw, kart 422, had to retire early after an equipment failure. And in the Veteran category, Lee Lung Nien, kart 577, won the race and started off well maintaining his position in the mid pack away from the other veterans.