May 30, 2016

Information on Mojo tyre Barcodes

This is a letter from Mojo regarding the barcodes on their tyres. It will bring a better understanding to the barcode systems used by Mojo and the purpose for it. Barcodes Mojo
May 25, 2016


• Annually one Rotax Grand Festival per continent • Maximum of 72 participants in each category (Rotax 125 Micro MAX and Mini MAX) • Equal performance due to sealed and raffled Rotax kart engine Gunskirchen, Austria, May 24, 2016 – Since the announcement of the granted 72 Rotax 125 Micro and Mini MAX drivers at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF), 36 participants in each category, the demand to get a starting place was incredibly high. “Due to the […]
May 6, 2016

AMC Round 3 2016 Race Report

The 3rd round of the Rotax Asia Challenge was held back at the Speedway PLUS Karting circuit in Malaysia on April 30th and May 1st. Weather was hot and humid like in the previous round except that in the late Saturday afternoon, thunderstorm and lightning were seen and heard nearby the track area and officials decided to postponed the remaining heat 2 for the senior, junior and DD2 to the next day for everyone’s safety on the track. Moments after […]
May 6, 2016

AMC Round 2 2016 Race Report

The 2nd round of the Rotax Asia Challenge was held at the Speedway PLUS Karting circuit in Malaysia on April 2nd-3rd. Weather was scorching hot in the early afternoon all the way to the evening. Everyone at the track was feeling the heat especially the drivers. Indonesian driver Senna Noor continued his dominant form in the DD2 category. He put in a clean sweep as he took pole position, both heat wins, and maximum points from the pre-final and final. […]