September 11, 2017
January 23, 2018
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Final Round of the Asia Max Challenge 2017. Weather was quite unpredictable last weekend as it rained and stop and continued again, causing havoc to the drivers and mechanics. The only time the rain came pouring was the Junior final but then by the time the race continued, it had stopped and the track was fast drying up.

In the Micromax Group A, Adam Mikail managed to beat his closest rival, Aditya Wibowo to take the overall championship. Adam was in top form the whole weekend, refusing to back down and continued to challenge the top 3 drivers. In the Micromax Group B, Krit Boonyang had a one point lead but it was all for naught as his kart stalled in the prefinal effectively handing over the championship to Hebiete Nasen Yu. Its just one of those unlucky days. But Krit managed to get 2nd in his Group having started right at the back. Adam Mikail and Hebiete Nasen Yu will be going to the Grand Finals under their respective groups.

In the Junior category, Romain put on a brilliant performance to wrestled the championship from Muhammad Ibrahim. In the prefinal, Romain did some well executed moves to overtake Ibrahim and Tai Zulberti and all 3 were fighting side by side changing positions and all the while allowing the 4th to 6th karts to come close. However Tai Zulberti was much faster and managed to hold Romain to take the win in the prefinal. In the Final, Romain again raise his game and pushing to stay ahead of Zulberti and Ibrahim and then the heavens open up. The race was stopped temporarily for the drivers to switch to wet tyres and it is evident that Romain has much better experience in the wet. Ibrahim can be seen struggling and dropped down to 5th place. It was a fairy tale ending for Romain as he was struggling the beginning of the season but didn’t give up when it matters the most. Romain earned himself a seat to the Grand Finals and Muhammad Ibrahim who came in 2nd in the overall will also get a ticket to go.

In the Senior category, Raka won the championship beating fellow teammate Agi. Coming into this round, Agi is leading in points but a dropped round will see that Raka has 3 points more than Agi. Both need to win this race to be top in their class. Both started off well but unfortunately for Agi, in the prefinal his cable throttle jammed and thus ending his fight for the championship. Raka will join his fellow teammate Romain to the Grand Finals in Portugal.

The DD2 has the biggest turnout with 30 karts on the grid. This was the battleground between 2 fellow countrymen, Senna SN and Prassetyo Hardja. Both are equal on points and winner takes all. During practise, things are looking bleak for Senna as his kart is slower. While Prassetyo was definitely fast on track, Eshan Pieris was much faster and when he took the prefinal win, he changes everything. Prassetyo’s and Senna’s championship suddenly looked much further than before and they cannot afford to make any mistakes. Try as they might, they can only follow Eshan as he speeds past everyone and overlapping some of the DD2 vetertan drivers. He was unstoppable. While Eshan won the final, Prassetyo scored enough points to keep him at the top of the championship and a seat to the Grand Final. Prassetyo, having won the X30 senior championship a week earlier, has won the DD2 senior category as well. Prass and Eshan both will be going to the Grand Finals to compete with all the top DD2 drivers over the world. For the DD2 masters, Riki Tanioka almost lost his championship when his kart stalled in the prefinal. He pushed the kart from almost half of the track back to the pits, trying to get it started again but his efforts were in vain. But Riki still managed to hang on to his lead and won the DD2 masters overall championship. But Riki has opt to race under the DD2 senior in the Grand Finals and giving his ticket to Alan Saw. And Alan Saw’s ticket will be given to Ong Chee Mang. Alan and Chee Mang have became good friends and rivals after they started racing in the DD2 and now they will carry the rivalry to the Grand Finals in Portugal. In the DD2 veteran, Eric Mancini won the final race but was disqualified for technical infringement. However his overall points is still higher than the other veteran drivers as they missed out one round of the season. This will also be Mancini last race as he is planning to retire and come back to do an one off race.

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