Chassis Partners at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2018
January 23, 2018

Thank you to all participants for coming down to support the Asia Max Challenge Round 1 2018 race. Attendance of drivers were at a healthy 60 drivers and we hope that the numbers will improve as we head over to the next round. This is also the first AMC race that has live streaming although some improvements are needed. And we also have a new commentator on board, Mr Glenn Abdullah. Glenn is also working together with our official hotel, Hype Motorsports Hotel, and you may make hotel booking through him for the AMC Round 2.
The weather for the whole week up to the race weekend has been unbearably hot. But we were not able to escape mother nature as she whipped up a rain storm right just after the DD2 heat 2 and forcing all competitors to stop and change to their wet tyres. But the crowd and supporters loves it. And cheered harder to see their drivers racing in such conditions. And it was one of the best race to watch as Senna Noor and Tai Zulberti were going at it, changing position 1st and 2nd at every lap while Ariff Amran who was third is following closely, ready to make a move if any mistakes are made. However Senna kept his cool and managed to defend his 1st position to the finish line.
Back to Micromax, Ranvir Singh repeated his performance in the Invitational race here at the AMC Round 1. Ranvir, kart number 44, was unstoppable. He pulled away at the start and there was not much chance for his rivals or team mates to keep up. All his team mates are equally fast, with all 4 cadet drivers from DRM Motorsports bagging 1st to 4th in the time trial. However they were not as lucky as Ranvir as they got involved in some tussle with other drivers and ended up behind the pack or mid pack but as the race went on, they easily came back up to the front. Adam Mikail from DRM Motorsports took 2nd place while Kittinat Lueangarunchai, number 77, and Aditya Wibowo, number 80 gave the DRM boys a good fight and took 3rd and 4th place respectively. Coming in 5th is Vijay Arrendra, number 51, who started 9th place but went up to 4th at the start but lose it to Aditya on the 2nd last lap.
There is also a new category in the Micromax called the Micromax Novice. This is for drivers who are first time license holder for 2018 . These boys and girls were put behind the more experienced cadet and race together. And its good to see the newcomers are picking up the pace and skills as the race went on. Big credit goes out to their respective teams for the proper guidance. There were 8 Novice drivers participating in the AMC Round 1 and the champ goes to Travis Teoh who is also a driver under DRM Motorsports. Travis finished 9th place in the overall Micromax category and bagged 1st in the Novice category.
In the Junior, Ananthorn Tangnainatchai, number 177, won but it was not as easy as it was in the Invitational. Sergio Noor, number 137 had a good start and took pole position from Ananthorn at the start of the race. Sergio didn’t give Ananthorn much opening and for the whole 3/4 of the race, it was pretty much the same but Ananthorn is not going to settle for 2nd and made his move. In the tussle, Oscar Ng, number 122, came in from 3rd and almost took the pole from both of them but the 2 drivers managed to get some space and in the end it was Ananthorn who came out first and Sergio 2nd. Coming in 4th place is Wahyu Wibowo, number 128, who started from last and made his way up the pack all the way to 4th. Thanakrit Metheevuttikorn, number 199, finished 5th
In the Senior category, Rifqi Rakamulya, number 234, had a good start to the game, bagging all top from Time Trial all the way to the final. His team mate, Akhmad Gunadi, number 268, followed closely behind Raka but never quite have the opportunity to make a move on Raka.Amer Harris, number 245 took 3rd place after a few tussle with Akhmad Gunadi at the first few laps. 4th place is Yuki Mishima, number 223, from Stratos Motorsports. Yuki was actually the 2nd fastest in the time trial and was behind Raka in the heats but unfortunately in the prefinal his kart was hit by another driver going into turn 2 and fell back behind the pack. But Yuki managed to climb back up to 5th by the time the prefinal race is done. Alister Yoong, number 210, started 4th on the grid, lost the position to Yuki and dropped down to 5th.
The rivalry continues on between Prassetyo Hardja, number 368, and Senna Noor, number 342, in the DD2 senior category. Missing in the group is Ehsan Pieris, as his Formula Renault series clashes with the AMC Round 1. It would be interesting to see Ehsan in the mix and these 3 drivers battling it out. Senna looked set to start his championship with a bang as he was holding Prassetyo back in 2nd place but his turns were getting slower and Prassetyo took the chance and overtook Senna. But Nik Zamir, number 315, was just behind and it was 3 karts coming in together into turn 1. Nik Zamir knocked into Senna’s kart, pushing him wide but he managed to recover in time before Ariff Amran can make any attempts. However, this incident gave Prassetyo the chance to pull away and secure the win comfortably. In the DD2 masters category, Ryan Mumford, number 400, took 1st place and was able to keep up with the first 3 top drivers. In the DD2 veteran category, Lee Lung Nien, number 577, secured his second win of the year after a brilliant finish in the Invitational race in January.
That wraps up the AMC Round 1 2018. Special thanks to Daniel Silva, the CEO of Praga, for coming down to give away the Asia Max Challenge trophies and also to Encik Hairel from Hype Motorsports Hotel, for giving away the Rotax Max Challenge Malaysia trophies. The next round will be in Sepang and you can check out for more info. For AMC Round 2 hotel bookings, please send your details to Glenn, his email is